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Posted by Tom Grace - 16:45 on 28 May 2012

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We here at TEFL Courses Ireland are aware that once you’ve made that decision to teach English abroad and your flights are booked, it seems there’s never enough time to get everything done before you leave. With this in mind, we thought it would be a good idea to let you know what our seven essentials are when you’re packing that case.

Universal Plug Adapter
No point in bringing that phone, tablet or laptop if you can’t use it, so make sure you’ve got one of these packed to avoid any hair pulling moments on arrival. Also remember the power supply may be different so double check your appliance has a transformer before getting started.

Pictures & Photos
Well we’re all a bit sentimental, especially when we’re far from home, so it’s nice to have some photos of your family, partner, friends, etc. However this is also a great opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, as they also double up as great flashcards. They can be used again and again and are great for a variety of lessons such as naming body parts, items of clothing, colours, etc.

Small cuddly toy/bean bag
No, it’s not for reassurance or calming small students. They are however great for throwing and catching games that get all students involved, help with learning names and checking comprehension. A little bit of advice, try to avoid using a ball it just causes chaos when dropped.

Remember your schooldays and how proud you were to show that gold star off to Mum and Dad. These are easy to pack and a great way of rewarding young learners. Packets of A4 sheets with stars, smiley faces and correction marks can be picked up cheaply from sores like Dealz.

I know you’re probably thinking of hot sunny days and beautiful parks and beaches when you’re packing, but remember it’s important to show respect to both your school and your students. If you think it’s going to be warm make sure to pack some linen trousers and breathable shirts/blouses. Long skirts are a classroom must for the girls and the guys should certainly have a couple of ties in their suitcase/backpack.

Lesson Plans & Printouts
As we always advise it’s great to have some lessons prepared in advance or some that you can fall back on if you’re short of material during a particular class. If you’re taking your laptop with you bookmark some in advance but it’s always advisable to have a few hard copies packed as well.

Small First Aid Box
Handy to have with you for those little scratches, insect bites or heels that need a band aid after a day in new shoes. Rather than trying to hunt down a pharmacy it’s reassuring to have this packed just in case.

So there we go, maybe it’s time to double check that case again and if all this talk of foreign travel is making you feel envious, book your TEFL Course with us today.

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