Easter in the TEFL classroom

Easter is just around the corner so we’ve put together a list of some top teaching resources for you and your students to enjoy.   Easter Vocabulary A fun and simple word game to help your students learn and practice Easter vocabulary. https://learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org/en/word-games/easter   5 Easter Games and Activities ‘Easter Bunny Says’, ‘Roll the Easter […]

mindful tefl

Be a mindful EFL teacher

Mindfulness is the process of opening up your mind and training yourself to take in information from the world around you with the aim of using it to feel more relaxed, aware and happy. For anyone going into teaching, finding something that can bring you these three things is incredibly useful – so it’s worth […]

TEFL for qualified teachers

Qualified Teachers and TEFL

Qualified teachers are moving abroad in droves to TEFL (teach English as a foreign language). Benefits of TEFL for qualified teachers While teaching here in the UK can be a stressful and bureaucratic business, there are many attractions to chucking it all in and moving abroad. There is the chance of better weather; rent-free accommodation; […]

choosing a TEFL course

How to Choose a TEFL Course

If you are interested in getting qualified to teach English abroad, you might feel a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of TEFL course providers out there. A quick google search will show a range of courses from expensive 4 week CELTA intensive courses to online budget courses being sold for next to nothing.  We […]

what to pack

What to Pack for Teaching English Abroad – Checklist

Packing to go abroad to teach English as a foreign language can be a daunting task, but this checklist should make it easier for our TEFL Courses Ireland graduates! Essentials Passport Visa TEFL certificate CV Degree certificate Insurance Birth and marriage certificates Airline tickets and itinerary Extra passport photos Driving licence Criminal check Credit/ATM cards, […]

Groupon TEFL Courses

As the TEFL industry has grown over the last few years, so has the sale of online “budget courses” on sites like Groupon. Although they appear to be a good deal, these TEFL courses at knock off prices generally offer low quality content, no classroom or teacher contact, no support in finding a job, no […]

TEFL Myths

5 TEFL Myths Debunked

When researching TEFL on the internet, many can be dissuaded by a number of TEFL myths circulating the online forums and social media, hindering their dream of a life teaching English overseas. So, we’ve put together the five most common TEFL myths you will find on the net (and set the record straight!) TEFL myth […]