cheapest places to tefl

The Most Affordable TEFL Destinations

Finished school? Graduated from university? Looking to do something where the experience counts more than the cash? Fantastic! Teaching English abroad sounds like it’s just for you. Work in the world’s most exotic locations and educate hard working pupils. It’s both life-changing and self-improving – there are many wonderful, satisfying, and fulfilling benefits to teaching abroad. […]

TEFL in Ireland

TEFL in Ireland

When discussing people’s reasons for TEFL, the most common motivation would probably be something along the lines of experiencing life in far-off lands and cultures. Whilst this sounds great, there can be a whole host of problems that come along with such an endeavour e.g. homesickness, job insecurity, and poor pay. Without putting it down too […]

TEFL in Japan

A Guide to TEFL in Japan

For a land that resisted Western influence for so long, it is perhaps a surprise that Japan is now one of the most culturally diverse nations on the planet. The largest metropolitan area on Earth, Tokyo, shares the country with cherry blossomed trees, tiny villages, and shinto shrines. The West has made a clear impact […]

TEFL in France

TEFL in France

Surely the world’s most visited country needs no introduction? With the magnificence of sights such as the Eiffel Tower and the romanticism of Paris, the City of Light, well ingrained into everyone’s collective imagination, what more could there possibly be to the delightful country that is France? For starters, there’s the rest of the country of […]

tefl russia

A Guide to TEFL in Russia

Nowhere else in the world is there a land so vast and expansive as Russia. From the Baltic Sea to the Bering Strait; the Arctic in the North to the warm climates of the Caspian Sea; and the bustling cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg contrasted with the empty Siberian tundra. Just as Russia is […]

South Korea TEFL 2017

Public vs. Private Schools in South Korea

South Korea, Asia’s best well-kept secret. A progressive democracy filled with modern cities, ancient Buddhist temples and jaw dropping landscapes. TEFL Opportunities in South Korea As South Korea’s economy has grown, largely thanks its manufacturing industry, the country has developed closer ties with the English speaking world. Public schools now have English embedded in the […]

TEFL internships in Thailand and Vietnam

TEFL in Thailand

About Thailand If you’re looking to work in a country where mouth-watering food, pristine beaches, friendly faces, a distinct culture, and a unique history all blend into one then look no further than Thailand. Known as ‘Siam’ as recently as 1949, this predominantly Buddhist nation is a cultural treasure and unlike anywhere else. A land […]

Teaching English in Vietnam

Teaching English in Vietnam: Country Guide Background: Vietnam Vietnam is a long thin country in South East Asia that neighbours China to the north and Cambodia and Laos to the West. Vietnam has made concentrated efforts at rebranding itself in the travellers mind as a country not a war. Its history is blemished with conflict, […]