How to Create the Perfect TEFL CV

Your guide to creating the perfect TEFL CV, section by section. Put your personal information at the top So start with the essentials – there is always one candidate who has missed out their contact information on their CV. Include your full name, email address, contact telephone number and postal address. Your address is important […]


When is the best time to apply for a job teaching English abroad?

Although most TEFL destinations have a certain number of schools that recruit all year round, there are some that have peak hiring periods. With this in mind here is TEFL Courses Ireland’s guide, divided by region, to the times of highest demand. Be sure to keep this in mind, especially if you are applying to a competitive TEFL destination. Teaching English […]

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Is it easy to get a TEFL Job?

We’ve mentioned in many of our previous blogs about the huge demand that there is for learning the English language worldwide, whether that is in Asia where economies are still growing, Europe – where countries like Spain are demanding their young people learn the language to improve career prospects or South America as economies start to grow […]

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Go first or apply from home?

Once you’ve achieved your TEFL qualification and you begin to think about securing that first TEFL role, one of your first decisions will be whether to begin to apply form home or whether to travel to your preferred destination and apply whilst on the ground.  Both approaches have positives and as you will see some subsequent drawbacks. Applying […]

5 TEFL Interview Questions You Will Likely Be Asked

Top 5 TEFL interview questions

Once you have completed your accredited TEFL Course from TEFL Courses Ireland, you’ll no doubt be anxious to begin your job hunt either through our own TEFL Jobs Centre or other online resources, such as TEFL.com.  There will, of course, be nerves when you get word of that first TEFL interview but to help you prepare we asked some of our students already teaching abroad what […]