Student Interviews

A TEFL classroom course is a great way to get a feel for TEFL. All classroom courses are led by TEFL tutors who have years of experience in the industry. Over a weekend/weekday course, you will take part in fun, engaging activities that will help to give you a practical understanding of TEFL. We recently […]

solo travel TEFL

TEFL and Solo Travel

Self-discovery, cultural exposure, and pure freedom: this is what awaits a solo traveller. Whether it’s to backpack across Europe or teaching English in Southeast Asia, travelling alone is one the most exciting and fulfilling experiences anyone can have. However, even the adventure of a lifetime requires some level of planning and thought. To help out, […]

Top Programmes to TEFL Abroad

To TEFL abroad provides ample opportunity to explore the world. There aren’t many occupations that allow you to travel, experience new cultures, and have the time of your life all whilst getting paid. There are a number of ways to begin your TEFL career, one of which is to enroll in a program that could see […]

Learning a new language TEFL

Learning a New Language

Possibly one of our most frequently asked questions is whether or not being adept in another language is necessary to teach English abroad. The short answer is: no. No, you do not need to be fluent in any other language – after all, it is English you’re going abroad to teach. However, that doesn’t mean […]

Who will my TEFL students be when I teach abroad?

Teaching English as a foreign language has never been in such high demand. Countries across the world consider a strong English speaking population imperative for future economic growth, as trade between the western world and non-English speaking countries grows. The result is an increasingly diverse range of English learners. Depending on where you find yourself […]