Summer School in China

TEFL Summer Schools – What you need to know…


TEFL Summer Schools are a great way to get a bit of teaching experience for newly qualified teachers. Furthermore, with only a 20-hour certificate required, you can get qualified within a weekend!



UK and Europe mainly.



July to August. There are some schools that begin late June.



Most organisations/schools will require at least a 20-hour certificate. Experience of working with children/teens desirable.


Personal requirements

Lots of energy and enthusiasm! The days can be long at Summer Schools but extremely fun!


Average teaching day

In general, classroom-based English lessons in the morning. In the afternoon, activities – like football, trips, arts etc.



If you take a ‘residential’ position, accommodation is included. Usually, teachers’ dorm/flat.



Depends if you are ‘residential’ or ‘non-residential’ – on average around £300 a week is normal.



European teens who have a basic understanding of English but are looking to improve through interaction with a native speaker.


Applying to a Summer School

If you complete a course with TEFLCoursesIreland you will have lifetime access to the TEFL Org UK Job Centre. Here, employers regularly advertise Summer School positions.

There are also plenty other TEFL job sites online you can apply through.


TEFL Summer Schools are a great way to introduce yourself to TEFL teaching role. The mix of classroom and activity based learning means the role has real variety. It’s also a great way to meet other TEFL teachers.

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