TEFL Courses Ireland’s 30-hour Teaching Business English course offers the knowledge, training and certificate to get the best business English jobs around the globe.

Qualification: 30-hours Teaching Business English certificate

Business English is among the most popular and lucrative areas of TEFL. Whether you are new to teaching or wish to improve your CV, TEFL Courses Ireland’s 30-hour Teaching Business English course offers the knowledge, training and certificate to get the best business English jobs around the globe.

Why take the Teaching Business English course?

Taking this course will give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to work in the area of business English. Teaching adults in specific situations requires a different approach to other contexts for teaching English as a foreign language and this qualification will give you the understanding you need. Business English positions are, by the nature of their economic importance, among the most highly-paid in TEFL, with a huge number of vacancies available. Business English employers will recognise your specialist training and this Specialist TEFL Certificate is a valuable addition to any TEFL CV.

Teaching Business English course contents

  • English for Specific Purposes
  • What is Business English?
  • The Business English trainer
  • Current trends
  • Understanding needs
  • Developing activities in the classroom and sourcing materials
  • Understanding different methodologies
  • Developing language and communication skills
  • Resources for finding work and developing your Business English further

Course requirements

You need to speak English fluently to take a TEFL Courses Ireland certificate. This is an Specialist TEFL Course, therefore you must already hold a TEFL certificate or have commenced a Basic TEFL course to enrol. Any TEFL course will give you the background knowledge necessary.

Course times

This course is studied completely online in your own time and at your own pace. You can expect to spend approximately 30 hours on study, research and assignment completion with this spread over 3-4 weeks depending on your own schedule. Students are given one month from date of purchase to complete the course.

Studying this course

The Teaching Business English course is accessed online through our separate courses site. You will study with a personal tutor, working through the materials and completing short activities along the way. Video lessons are included and there are assignments which must be completed as part of the course. These assignments will be marked by your tutor, who is also available for any questions or concerns you may have. TEFL Courses Ireland tutors are highly qualified, approachable and have many years of experience in teaching English as a foreign language.

The online TEFL courses site can be accessed from any computer connected to the internet, including tablet computers and smart phones. There is no need to download any materials as everything is provided online for you. You also have access to our course forum to discuss your work with fellow students.

On completing the course, you will receive an accredited 30-hour Teaching Business English certificate from TEFL Courses Ireland.

Course outcomes

  • This course is designed to teach you:
  • How to improve your students’ communication in English
  • How to understand the specific needs of your business English students
  • How to target your English lessons to the appropriate business area
  • How to design and deliver excellent business English lessons
  • How to create appropriate materials for business English lessons
  • How to develop your students’ communication skills
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30-Hour Teaching Business English

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