Add another skill to your TEFL CV by learning to teach English over the phone with our Telephone Teaching advanced TEFL course.

10-hour Telephone Teaching course

One of the fastest growing ways of learning English is being tutored over the phone, and to help you tap into this market we’ve developed a course specifically designed to train you in the most effective ways of teaching students English purely over the phone.

Teaching over the telephone means that you can deliver lessons to anyone around the world with access to a phone, giving you the chance to teach and your students the chance to learn from home.

This is a very different way of teaching and learning English, however, and without an idea of how to make the most of your teaching time it can be difficult to fit the usual lessons into this new format.

This course will show you the ways in which telephone teaching excels at helping students learn English as a foreign language and how to enhance your TEFL skills.

Course Requirements

Before taking the Telephone Teaching course we highly recommend completing a TEFL course with us so that you have as wide as possible a knowledge of the theory behind English teaching.

The Telephone Teaching course is a fully online course that you can complete from anywhere in the world, giving everyone the best possible chance to enhance their TEFL CV.

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Telephone Teaching Course

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Course Fee: €79

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