TEFL Courses Ireland offers a wide range of TEFL courses to make it as easy as possible for you to realise your dream of teaching English abroad! From our 20-hour weekend practical course to our fantastic 140-hour Premier TEFL Course there is something that will suit your lifestyle and your budget.

If you’re not ready to start immediately, Classroom and Combined TEFL courses can be booked by calling our TEFL Advisors on 01 697 1389 and paying a €50 deposit.

Getting started with TEFL?

Pick a course option below to suit your teaching dreams and your lifestyle

Online TEFL Courses

Perfect if you want to live and work abroad but cannot attend a classroom course. Got a hectic lifestyle and can’t find the time to do a practical TEFL course? Or maybe simply don’t live in the UK but still would like to complete a course with a reputable British course provider? Our online TEFL courses hold the same high level of accreditation as our practical courses so you can get TEFL certified at your own pace, in your own home, at times convenient for you!

100-Hour Online TEFL Course

The 100-hour Online TEFL Course is a brilliant way to get your TEFL certificate from the comfort of your own home! You’ll get 50 hours of TEFL training, all the essential grammar knowledge you will need in a 30-hour Grammar Course and a 20-hour Online Video Course which gives important insight into how a TEFL classroom works.

120-Hour Premier Online TEFL Course

Our 120-hour Online TEFL Course is our most comprehensive online-only course and will give you a massive boost when looking for teaching positions! If you want to take the best possible beginner online TEFL course, then this course is for you. No experience is needed for our 120-hour Online TEFL Course Student Premier Online Course […]

50-Hour Online TEFL Course

The 50-hour online TEFL course is designed to give you all of the necessary grounding, theory and methodology of in a way that you can study at your own pace and in your own time. These TEFL courses can be studied at any time and anywhere in the world – all you need is a […]

80-hour Online TEFL Course

The 80-hour Online TEFL Course is a fantastic way to get your TEFL qualification from the comfort of your home. You get 50 hours of TEFL training as well as 30 hours of all the essential grammar knowledge you will need for when you step into your first TEFL lesson.

Classroom-based TEFL Courses

Perfect if you want a taste of TEFL. Our classroom TEFL courses are a great way to get an insight into what teaching English as a foreign language involves. Our experienced TEFL tutor will show you how to plan and deliver effective and engaging lessons to English learners of any age and level.

20-Hour Weekend TEFL Course

Get your TEFL certificate over one weekend with our fantastic 20-hour Weekend TEFL Course, in locations to suit you across Ireland and beyond! The 20-hour TEFL Courses Ireland weekend course is a fantastic way to get your TEFL qualification in just two days. You’ll learn all you need to step into your first TEFL classroom. […]

Combined TEFL Courses

Perfect if you want to live and work abroad. Our combined TEFL courses are designed to give you all you need to become a great TEFL teacher. A combination of excellent grounding in English grammar and TEFL methodology with a great classroom experience led by an experienced TEFL teacher is all you need to change your life and start working abroad.

120-hour TEFL Course

TEFL Org UK’s 120-hour TEFL Course is a popular choice with first-time English teachers, and comes highly recommended. You’ll learn in a fun and engaging series of modules providing the grounding required to succeed as a newly-qualified TEFL teacher.

140-hour Premier TEFL Course

The 140-hour course from TEFL Courses Ireland is a Premier TEFL qualification featuring a combination of classroom and online learning. It provides the basic and specialist skills you will need for your TEFL career. This course is an ideal choice for anyone completely new to teaching.

50-hour TEFL Course

The 50-hour TEFL qualification will give you practical teaching skills and an understanding of TEFL, while developing your knowledge of grammar and the English language. The course is completed over 1 weekend in the classroom and up to a month online.

Want more TEFL training?

Add to your teaching skills with one of specially designed Advanced courses

Advanced TEFL Courses

Already TEFL qualified? Enrol on one of our advanced online TEFL courses and boost your CV

30-Hour Teaching Business English

The Teaching Business English Course from TEFL Org UK offers an in-depth look at this specialist area of TEFL.

Teaching English Online

Want flexible teaching work? Interested in teaching students from across the globe in one week? Want to work from home? Try teaching English online!

Teaching Large Classes Course

Step into some of the largest TEFL classes with confidence by taking our dedicated Teaching Large Classes advanced TEFL course.

Teaching Young Learners

The teaching young learners course from TEFL Org UK is ideal for all types of EFL teachers from the newly qualified to the more experienced tutor.

Telephone Teaching Course

Add another skill to your TEFL CV by learning to teach English over the phone with our Telephone Teaching advanced TEFL course.

Extra TEFL Courses

Top up your basic skills with our Grammar and Video courses

20-hour Online Video Course

The 20-hour Online Video Course has been created as an opportunity for you to observe TEFL classrooms and improve your own lesson plans. This certificated course will give you a further 20 hours of training.

30-Hour Online Grammar Course

We all use grammar every day when we speak or write in English, but do you know your modal verbs from your second conditionals? When teaching English abroad, you will spend a lot of time dealing with grammar in lessons, so you should make sure that you have a strong understanding of it. The 30-hour […]