30-Hour Online Grammar Course

We all use grammar every day when we speak or write in English, but do you know your modal verbs from your second conditionals?

When teaching English abroad, you will spend a lot of time dealing with grammar in lessons, so you should make sure that you have a strong understanding of it.

The 30-hour Online Grammar Course covers all of the rules and terminology, from prepositions to pronouns and beyond, that you will need in your English classes.

This course is studied on our dedicated online TEFL courses site, with assessment through fun activities and quizzes. For any times when you are struggling, you have access to the Grammar Guru, an experienced TEFL tutor who will help you with any course issues. Plus, all students on the course can access the course forum to chat to fellow students.

What will you study?

Unit 1 – Nouns

Unit 2 – Verbs

Unit 3 – Adjectives and adverbs

Unit 4 – Tenses, conditional and other goodies

Unit 5 – Other parts of speech

Unit 6 – Present and past tenses

Unit 7 – Future and conditional tenses and passive voice

Course review

Following completion of this course, you will receive a 30-hour Grammar and Language Awareness TEFL Certificate.  If you take this course as part of a combined TEFL course, you will receive one TEFL certificate on completion completion of the entire course.

This grammar course is included in the following course options: 50-hour TEFL Course, 120-hour TEFL Course and 140-hour Premier TEFL Course.

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30-Hour Online Grammar Course

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