TEFL Courses Ireland testimonials

We’ve helped thousands of students live their dream, teaching English abroad to adults and children in over 30 different countries. Don’t just take our word for it though – below are recent student stories. What will your story be?

Amy and Luis - Mexico (3)Amy and Luis - Mexico (3)My name is Luis Sousa and I am 27 years old. Before teaching English I studied Art and Design at Leeds University. I also completed a TEFL course with Online TEFL Courses which started my career as a teacher abroad! The course was great, really informative and interactive. I met some nice people and learnt a lot. At the moment, I am teaching in Tepotzotlan, a lovely town just outside Mexico City. It’s rich with culture and I get to experience the “real” Mexico. Cactus, cowboys, tacos and tequila! I teach at a private school, secondary and primary students aged 6 to 15. I teach grammar, games conversation and much more! The TEFL course prepared me for this experience in the way of giving me confidence in the classroom. It also gave me ideas on methods to teach grammar, how to make a lesson fun and different structures and methods of teaching particular things. Overall it’s a great way to travel, to learn a culture, to make new friends, try new foods and earn a living at the same time! Be prepared to stay away from home as once you leave you won’t go back!”

Luis Souza, Mexico City

“I just wanted to thank you for all your help over the past few months. I just got offered a job working in a summer camp in Vietnam for 2 months (the one advertised on your website) which I never thought would happen. I really appreciate all the advice you gave me on my CV and I am so glad I did the weekend course back in February..”

Eleanor McSweeney, Dun Laoghaire and Vietnam

Gareth“Hi, I’m Gareth and I was working as a Sampling Technician but fancied the sunshine and way of life in Spain. Since undertaking the 50-hour Online TEFL Courses course in January, I moved to Murcia, Spain, where I began private English tuition for students who I found by advertising locally. After working in Murcia for 4 months and building my experience I then managed to find work in an English summer school in a small town in Catalonia. This has been my best experience so far teaching children between the age of 5 and 17 with all levels in two week terms. The school had plenty of material and excellent support to aid my teaching. All food and accommodation was included plus 450 euros per two week term so it was a good way to save money. I’ve recently finished working there and have since moved to Tarragona where I have had two interviews in English Academies and am very hopeful about finding work. Having a TEFL qualification gives your CV a big boost in the eye of the employer so it is well worth it. Good luck to anybody who is thinking about relocating and my advice would be to give it a go and in no time you too could be living in the sunshine.”

Gareth, Murcia

“The tutor, she was excellent! She was really energetic and knowledgable. She kept us all interested throughout and had some great ideas for teaching and ways to keep the students interested. She was very approachable and I felt comfortable speaking up. We’re looking forward to our Chinese adventure”

Sean O’ Maille & Yasmine Leahy, (Teaching in Nantong in China)

“Last year I decided to do a TEFL course and, having searched long and hard on the internet and making enquiries, I finally decided that TEFL Courses Ireland was the best option for me. I found the course itself is very worthwhile. I started with the grammar section and thoughtJoan McDermott, Teaching in China it was excellent, I love grammar anyway and it was a great way to brush up on what I had either forgotten or become rusty on.
The TEFL methodology section is also very good. I went through two years of a teacher training course when I left school and it brought back much of what I learned there. For anyone who has never been to teacher training college, or who has never stood in front of a class to teach, this section is invaluable. It gives you in-depth knowledge and precious tips on how to work a class, from content to the layout of the classroom. I can’t imagine what it would be like stepping in front of a classroom for the first time without having studied methodology!
As I did the 120-hour Premier Online TEFL Course, I sent my assignments to the tutors assigned to me. Their response and corrections were always prompt and always relevant. I found them very reassuring and positive. From the beginning I found TEFL Courses Ireland very easy to deal with. Initially I had some difficulties with my booking form going through but Tom in Dublin sorted it out for me without delay. He was courteous, kind and helpful and has remained so throughout all my dealings with him. Any small technical glitches I met on the way were dealt with quickly and efficiently by the IT team, which meant that I could take my course from here in China without any problems.

Teaching English here is a great way to learn about China. I couldn’t begin to tell you how much I have learned from my students! They have taught me about Chinese history and culture. They have taught me about the wonderful food of Shandong Province. They have taught me about their own daily lives. They have confided in me. They show me respect, compassion and sometimes even love. For that I love them and I love working in China.”

Joan McDermott, Head of Overseas Faculties at Shandong University of Technology.

“One afternoon I started googling TEFL. This is where the confusion set in. There is such a huge swathe of information out there, some bits Niall Gavigan, teaching in Thailandof it more useful than others. I found TEFL Courses Ireland and called them up. I spoke with Tom who really knew his stuff and told me how many hours study would be expected of me by foreign employers for jobs abroad. He also answered the rest of my stupid questions patiently. After that I gave it a bit more thought and it just seemed like the right thing to do. I logged on again and applied for the course and got my ‘on-the’dole’ discount. I chose my course being the 120 hour course which included a 20 hour intensive weekend module in Dublin. That was pretty much how it started.
Once I started the course I started looking at the various TEFL employment sites and uploaded my CV. You will need to re-do your cv and include a recent photo. TEFL Courses Ireland had some good advice on this aspect of the industry too. I did some skype interviews for a positions in Korea, Japan and Thailand. Then an agency in London contacted me and offered me a position in Thailand. I liked what I heard and that was it. The agency took care of everything. All the paperwork was done quickly and efficiently.
In a word, it’s great. The Thai people are amazing. They’re polite and friendly. The weather is hot and sunny all the time. The rains come and then stop. It’s not the constant drizzle we get in Ireland. The work is challenging but it’s fun. There are so many opportunities available here. Native English speakers are in high demand in Thailand. You can really teach anything from kindergarten to one-on-one business classes to Japanese businessmen and from anywhere from Bangkok to a remote island.”

Niall “Jay” Gavigan, still in Thailand two years later

“Overall, my TEFL experience was fantastic, from emails, to phone calls, to directions to the hotel, where the class was, to the amazing class tutor and online feedback I couldn’t have asked for a better course. If it was right for me, I’m sure it will be right for many of you. My experience abroad this summer was amazing, but TEFL Courses Ireland is the only reason I have it to look back on! ”

Lydia Ait-Amer, Student, worked in Italian summer camps

“I found the 140 hour course to be designed perfectly to suit the needs of the students. 20 hours were completed at the weekend tutoring inPeter Coyle - TEFL teacher Dundalk a classroom workshop and I had to complete 120 hours of online study and assessments in areas such as grammar and language awareness, TEFL methodology and video lesson observation.
Each module was designed so the student could learn as they progressed. There were quizzes throughout each module and assignments to be submitted as required by the provider. I contacted TEFL Courses Ireland on numerous occasions during the four months and I felt that they were always more than willing to assist me in my study and assignments. TEFL English Teacher Peter Coyle
I am now finished the course two months and have set up my own tutoring service on a self–employed basis. I have had my first few students for 1 – 1 sessions and I feel that my world has turned full circle and my ship has finally left the port! This is all thanks to the study I have done and the expert service received from TEFL Courses Ireland, whether that was the dedication and professionalism of Tom Grace in the Dublin office or the support of my tutors, both in the classroom and online.”

Peter Coyle, Dundalk, Private TEFL Teacher