Weekend TEFL courses

Our weekend TEFL courses are designed with the first-time teacher in mind, squeezing the principles of English Language Teaching (ELT) into a fun-packed two days. No sitting quietly behind a desk here!

Weekend TEFL courses run on Saturday from 9am to 8pm and Sunday 9am to 6pm.  It may sound like two long days however the weekend does pass quickly with the many useful and fun activities!

What do you study on a weekend TEFL course?

Module 1

Introductory activities

Launch straight into the fun world of TEFL with activities designed to break the ice with your classmates but also be useful to you in the classroom.

Module 2

Classroom management

How to arrange your classroom and your students

Module 3

Getting your students speaking in English

Encourage your students to use the language through eliciting, pictures, mime and gesture

Module 4

Introduction to grammar

A first look at English tenses. Remember, for a more in-depth grounding in grammar, we recommend our online TEFL Grammar Course

Module 5

Foreign language lesson

Step into your students’ shoes as your tutor teaches you in a foreign language to show the effectiveness of language immersion

Module 6

Practice activities

Understanding the importance of practice activities, when to use them and ideas for what to do

Module 7

Free practice – role play and other activitiesUsing role play and other production activities

Module 8

Using games

How games can improve the learning experience, with examples.

Module 9

More warmers and activity ideas

Ideas of how to get students learning effectively through fun activities

Module 10

Teaching functions

How to teach useful everyday language and use context for meaning

Module 11

Lesson planning, preparation and practice

An important unit on how to plan and deliver a TEFL lesson

First teaching practice

With a partner and tutor guidance, teach your first English lesson in a friendly and supportive environment

Module 12

Further warmers

More useful classroom activities to start your second day

Module 13

Needs analysis and understanding levels

How to assess new students and teach students of different abilities

Module 14


Increase your awareness of the sounds and stresses of the English language and how to help your students understand these

Module 15

Correcting errors

How and when to correct your students’ mistakes

Module 16

Teaching skills

How to teach reading and listening in the classroom

Module 17


A more in-depth look at the tenses of the English language.

Second teaching practice

Put all you have learned into practice by teaching another lesson

Module 18

Finding a TEFL job
A Q&A session with your tutor for tips on how to find work abroad

What’s included?

  • A hardcopy TEFL course book
  • Hands-on teaching practice on each day of the course
  • Personal reference letter from your course tutor
  • Accredited and internationally recognised certificate
  • Lifetime access to our online TEFL Jobs Centre

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