TEFL Courses Ireland offer a range of different TEFL courses to suit everyone. To help you decide which course is best for you, we have created this short guide to choosing your TEFL course.  If you have any questions that are not answered here, please get in touch with us at info@TEFLcoursesireland.ie and we will be happy to assist.

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Which TEFL course is best for me?

Location (where you would like to teach)
Teacher Type Most Popular Course Option
Europe First-time teacher 120-hour TEFL Course
Asia First-time teacher 140-hour Premier TEFL Course
Middle East First-time teacher 140-hour Premier TEFL Course
South America First-time teacher 120-hour TEFL Course
Summer camps First-time teacher 20-hour TEFL Course or 50-hour TEFL Course
All locations Qualified teacher 20-hour TEFL Course or 50-hour TEFL Course


Are you a first-time teacher?

Most of our students have no formal teaching experience and come from a range of employment and educational backgrounds. Teaching English in Hong KongOur Recommended or Premier TEFL courses (120-140 hours) are specifically designed to give a first time teacher the skills and confidence required to make that first step into the TEFL classroom.

Recommended/Premier courses contain a weekend or weekday classroom workshop combined with a detailed online course that covers areas such as classroom management, grammar, teaching styles and how to tailor your lesson plans to suit your audience.

Our Premier TEFL courses contain additional elements such as modules on Telephone Teaching or Teaching Large Classes which students might find beneficial.

Do you have formal teaching qualifications and experience?

If you are a qualified teacher with classroom experience, you will already have knowledge and skills in lesson planning, delivery and classroom management. With this in mind you may find that a Basic+Grammar course will give you the knowledge and solid understanding of the methodology of TEFL to complement your existing skills.

Are you confident in explaining the rules and terminology of English grammar, such as conditionals and modal verbs? If so, you may find a Basic TEFL qualification will be sufficient.

Classroom TEFL course or online TEFL course?

Our classroom courses/workshops offer a great introduction to teaching, and the practice lessons you get to prepare and teach are invaluable. We realize, however, that not everyone can fit a classroom course into their schedule that’s why we have designed our online courses to give you everything you need to begin your TEFL teaching career.

The online courses go into great depth on the methodology of TEFL teaching, while the social side of the course is provided by our online TEFL student forums, so that you still have the opportunity to talk to other TEFLers.  Many students choose to combine both elements to ensure they get the best TEFL training and certification possible.

Where would you like to teach English?

Schools in different countries may have different standard requirements with regard to TEFL certification. In Slovakia, many schools will accept you with as little as a 20-hour TEFL certificate, whereas TEFL jobs in South Korea would be looking for those with over 120 hours of TEFL training and a University Degree.

Even if the country you are interested in accepts teachers with only a 20-hour TEFL qualification, you will always be at an advantage when applying if you have more hours. TEFL Courses Ireland always recommends at least 120 hours of TEFL training for first-time teachers.

Check our TEFL Jobs Centre for an idea of the different requirements in the locations where you might be interested in teaching.

Are you a non-native speaker?

Some TEFL employers do express a preference for native speakers in their adverts, therefore your applications may be much more competitive if you have a higher number of hours in your TEFL qualification. We would suggest taking one of our Recommended/Premier TEFL courses.

Still not sure which course to take?

E-mail info@TEFLcoursesireland.ie or call 01 697 1389 to speak to one of our TEFL advisors who will be happy to assist you.